“Game of thrones” is far from “the Witcher” — critics

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20 Dec will premiere the first episode of “Witch” from Netflix. Critics have already given the first opportunity to enjoy a new band and write your own reviews, reports Lenta.ru

In unison, the series ran to compare with the “Game of thrones”. Film critics agreed that battle scenes from HBO look too “cheap” in the background is seen.

“Against the background of the battle scenes from “the Witcher” battle in “Game of thrones” gruesome,” said Western film critic in an interview with Digital Spy.

Another American film critic left my review in the network. He enthusiastically describes the first fight scene of the Witcher Geralt:

“She’s fierce and beautiful. I already watched this scene four times. You will find something very nice,” said the latter.

Recall that the role of Geralt takes Henry Cavill (“Superman”, “Agents of A. N. To.L.”). The Witcher’s loosely based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

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