“Fuck you…” — the hackneyed model boasted the ability to drink alcohol

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Popular model attends clubs, showing the audience his ability to drink hard liquor no less insidious alcoholic cocktails. Judging by the video, this pastime she likes… well, at least nothing bad she is not seeing.

Members did not approve the behavior of the model and condemned her for such “daring” trick. However Tasova response did not hesitate in sending anyone who climbs in her personal life, hell.

“Almost everyone considers it his duty to condemn my Smoking, addiction to alcohol and personal life… And to go… n no one wants?” — posted by Dinguli.

Recall, Dinguli Tasova gained popularity after in transparent blouse with no underwear appeared on the podium in 2018. Now 29-year-old lady one of the most popular and sought after models in the world of national fashion.

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