Ilya Ilyin showed underwear

Domestic weightlifter was pleasantly surprised by the female half of their admirers. The athlete posted a photo appeared before the public in his underpants.

03939a413dc2042feba9cff9f6dc44b1 e1571199430442 - Ilya Ilyin showed underwearPhoto: Instagram

“Not bad for a weightlifter?” — signed your picture Ilyin.

Of course, such a frame is called the web excitement and violent comments. Women are not stingy with the numerous compliments. Rave review on the page of the athlete left and the Kazakh-Russian actress Linda Nigmatulina:

“Yeah, baby,” wrote the celebrity.

03939a413dc2042feba9cff9f6dc44b1 - Ilya Ilyin showed underwear

Photo: Instagram

Interestingly, just wanted to advertise Ilya Ilyin? Myself, underwear, sneakers, and maybe headphones or simulators? But whatever it was, the did the trick — the audience were satisfied.

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