Kazahstanka fascinated the British author’s bread

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A native of Kazakhstan Shynar bakisheva founded the bakery Fresh Artisan Bread Company in Newcastle (UK), informs an information portal QazPulse.

Before the pandemic, her clients included restaurants with Michelin stars, top-end cafes and restaurants however, during the quarantine, all establishments were closed. Shynar bakisheva moved its wholesale business into retail.

Her author’s bread, baguettes, pastries and cinnamon rolls, made a splash in society, every day buyers line up for hours before the store opening and snapping up fresh pastries.

In business Shynar helps sister Leila and her husband-the architect of the RAS Clulow who is in holiday on care of the child.

Every night they bake bread and the next morning stay at the bakery to meet buyers.

Bakery FAB is a world away from her previous career. Shynar was born and raised in Karaganda, worked as a translator for the international Corporation, where she met her husband, Englishman.

When Shynar moved to the UK, she was shocked at how far the bread purchased by the locals in the supermarkets, from traditional bread that is baked in Kazakhstan.

“In my bread, only three basic ingredients: flour, water and salt”, – said Shynar.

In her opinion, the bread, during baking which does not use flavor enhancers, and preservatives, does not cause food allergies and healthy. Kazahstanka uses only natural products when mixing the dough.

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