Kazakhstanis urged to delay travel to several countries

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Warning the chief sanitary officer connected with the outbreak of the coronavirus in the world. According to Bekshin, if in China the rates of infection are declining, in some countries there is a different story.

“First and foremost I would like to draw the attention of our citizens on registration of morbidity in South Korea —

quoted chief sanitary doctor inform.kz. —

On February 24 there, according to official data, was 602 case. During the day, the increase of 168 cases. These are very serious figures.

The Ministry of health has denied rumors of “patients with coronavirus in Kazakhstan”

We ask to pay attention to such countries as South Korea, Italy – 144 case. And in Italy in recent days, the main increase of 133 cases. Further, the Japan – 132 cases, Singapore — 89 cases, the Iran — 43, Thailand — 35 cases, Malaysia – 22 case.

I appeal to our citizens to not planned in the near future travel to these countries”.

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