Kazakhstan topped the rating of the development of egov among the CIS countries

6169ede9df851e594350b3310e44e1ec 600x400 - Kazakhstan topped the rating of the development of egov among the CIS countries

In the global ranking of e-government development, which forms the UN, Kazakhstan has risen to 29th place, followed by Canada, the press service of MCAAP RK.

This rating is made every 2 years and it assesses the 193 member countries of the UN. When compiling the current rating (2020) estimated the work done by the States in 2018 or 2019.

According to the published UN report, the top three leaders in the development of e-government includes Denmark, South Korea and Estonia, which is located on the 1, 2 and 3 positions, respectively.

Among the CIS countries Kazakhstan took the 1st place. Then follow Russia (36), Belarus (40), Moldova (79), Ukraine (69), Uzbekistan (87).

In the ranking of the current year, Portugal is located on the 35th, Italy 37, Belgium at 41, China at 45, Malaysia at the 47th place.

Note, the highest position in this rating, 28, of Kazakhstan was held in 2014. In 2016 the country is situated on 33 place, and in 2018 for 39 positions. Thus, for the last 2 years, Kazakhstan has risen by 10 positions compared to last year.

The global UN e-government development (EGDI) is calculated based on three components. the development of online services (OSI), human capital (HCI) and telecommunications infrastructure (TII).

Compared to 2018 index of e-government development (EGDI) increased by 10.2% in the year 2020, the number of online services by 6.38%, human capital by 5.6%. The greatest growth is noted for the development of telecommunications infrastructure — 22.7%, meanwhile, the level of e-services Kazakhstan has received almost the maximum score – 1 of about 0.92.

The level of development of e-participation (E-participation) Kazakhstan moved up 16 positions, finishing in 26th place. Index of e-participation shows involvement of citizens in the decision-making process, transparency and openness of activities of state, which corresponds to the country’s politics, “he that heareth state.”

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