“The Treasury and the “NARKHOZ” — became centers of youth initiatives” — Alex Friday

today the Treasury as a leading University of the country is focused on implementing important state objectives the First President – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev is to be in the top 200 best universities in the world.

The transformation of the Treasury in the research University world class is happening today in the framework of the concept “University 4.0”, developed and implemented the Treasury on the basis of the innovation platform al-FarabiUniversitySmartCity. “University 4.0” is based on the symbiosis of high-tech and moral platforms and aims to educate a new generation of highly skilled professionals as citizens of the country and the world.

Also, the opening of the school of integrity. The main aim of the school is the formation of anti-corruption models of behavior in the youth and training young members of the anti-corruption movement the new formation.

After Alex on Friday visited University “NARKHOZ” and got acquainted with its activities on the organization of anti-corruption work among students and teachers.

During the meeting were presented new approaches to teaching freshmen at the University Narkhoz. A new methodology based on interactive techniques of work and individual approach to each student allows you to minimize or avoid problems with plagiarism, and on the students ‘ written work.

“Every year I declare from high tribunes that the University is the notable University – the University where there is no “smell” of corruption, management and teachers of the University come to work in new ways, focusing primarily on the quality of education and transparency,” said Alex on Friday, summing up.

The third visit was the University “AlmaU”, where a meeting was held on the question of formation at students the principles of service and integrity.

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As the head of the anti-corruption Agency, today, on the basis of 2.5 thousand schools of the country organized schools of excellence, which became centers of youth initiatives. As illustrative examples of called – the Treasury and the “NARKHOZ”.

“It is gratifying to see the involvement of creative youth. The younger generation expresses its commitment to the principles of integrity by conducting multi-format events and fundraisers, development videos and cartoons,” said Alex on Friday.

Sounds like an axiom – the eradication of corruption is possible only in the presence of an atmosphere of trust in society and to involve all concerned citizens in anti-corruption movement.

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