Kostanay region will be closed from March 31

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Currently in Kostanay region is not registered any case of the coronavirus, so on March 29, during an emergency meeting of the Headquarters to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection Arkhimed Mukhambetov said the closure of the borders region, according to Tengrinews.kz.

Enter the region will be limited from 22: 00 on March 31.

The mayor stressed that it is not quarantine. But in the region there will be a restriction on the output of homes and apartments after 22.00 and finding people in parks parks and playgrounds.

Checkpoints will be located on the following roads:

  • checkpoint No. 7 on the highway Yekaterinburg-Almaty 374 km. the border post “Kairak”;
  • checkpoint # 8 on 180 kilometer of the highway Kostanay-Kurgan at the border post “Ubagan”;
  • checkpoint No. 9 highway Kostanay-ì, 245 kilometers, near the village of Troyebratskiy of Uzynkol area;
  • checkpoint No. 10 highway Yekaterinburg –Almaty, 722 kilometer, near the village of Sevatopol of Sarykol district.
  • checkpoint No. 11 highway Kostanay-surgan, 232 kilometers, on the border with the Akmola region;
  • checkpoint No. 12 road Zhezkazgan-Petropavlovsk, 372 kilometer;
  • checkpoint No. 13 road Zhezkazgan-Petropavlovsk, 300 kilometres;
  • checkpoint No. 14 Torgai highway, the border of Aktobe region, 85 kilometres, near the village of Oxygenic;
  • checkpoint No. 15 highway Kostanay-Karabutak, 239 kilometer area of the village Galima Kamysty area;
  • checkpoint No. 16 road Denisovka border of the Russian Federation, 100 kilometer at a border checkpoint “Kondybai” Zhitikara area.

Within the scope of the movement is not restricted. The ban exists only on transporting people by buses and minibuses in the region, and restricted travel to Russia by all modes of transport except for transit cargo vehicles and trucks with food and non-food items.

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