Literalist got the mental hospital in Karaganda

47-year-old man placed in a regional mental hospital.

f1861f370fb2e6de239b48c5fb39e8ec - Literalist got the mental hospital in Karaganda

Sunday, October 13 in Karaganda for knowingly false report about an act of terrorism has been detained 47-the summer man, reports

Around 14:30 the police received a report that unknown threatened to blow up a building in one of the cafes.

On a scene all emergency services of the city. Police on the spot set a 47-year-old man, who claimed that in his backpack was a bomb which will explode in 15 minutes.

The scene had put a cordon. Were evacuated from the cafe two people. During the inspection of the backpack it was discovered only clothes.

This fact was a criminal case under article 273 of the criminal code. Investigation

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