Madina Sadvakasova angry KazNet open abdomen

The singer has gone back in time. Flipping through your photo album, she came across the photos 15 years ago and decided to publish them.

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Madina shared with fans footage of his first photo shoot in 2004. In the pictures she was 25 years old, and she’s posing in fashion at the time the outfits.

But fashion has changed and the singer. And if 15 years ago she could afford to bare belly, now it is unforgivable.

Not to mention vigilant whatmany criticized over a short blouse and a bare midriff and archive the and singer.

“Why did you published this photo with open navel?”; “At least some photoshoot, but why was it necessary to publish this photo”; “And why posted? The goal? At your age, then…”; “What is that stance, it’s not customary for Kazakh girls; Now she started to undress”; “What is it?”; “I did not expect this from you.” — outraged subscribers stars.

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Photo: Instagram

Note that the spouse of Madina Sadvakasova (probably, as any man) doesn’t like it when his woman puts his charms on display. Despite the fact that Olzhas Smagulov does not follow the life of his wife in social networks, it is still up to date news about my better half.

However, as acknowledged by the singer, before you put anything on court of spectators and readers, she always consults with her husband. And judging by recent publications, the permission he received.

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Photo: Instagram

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