The car Tesla “remembered” the face of the offender

440e267435f774cc7f0279102ee427d3 700x386 - The car Tesla "remembered" the face of the offender

In the electric load mode is Sentry Mode.

Tesla was the first to demonstrate the work of the advocate-assistant, which is available in the versions of cars with autopilot 2.5.

Onboard network Sentry Mode records everything happening around the vehicle while the owner of the car not coming back. An unpleasant incident occurred in Colorado. The owner of his Tesla Model 3, parked in your car according to all rules, returning to the car found a deep scratch on the back.

Vandal was able to calculate very quickly. It turned out that the car recorded the moment of “attack”. The footage shows how a woman walking past the car, especially scratched the car door.

The intruder ordered to pay to the owner the Tesla is a large fine. In addition, it will attract the article of the criminal code “intentional damage”.

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