The driver told his version of the collision of a train and bus Shamalgan

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In Kaskelen began hearings on the case of the train collision with bus at a railway crossing Shamalgan. The driver of the multiton car has told his version of what happened, the Agency reports

“According to the rules I took the locomotive, checking the brakes, the sound and everything else. Everything worked. At 18.40 was the departure from the station “Almaty-1″ four minutes late from the schedule. I was driving a speed of 97 kilometers per hour,” said the driver.

The man claims that between stations Aksengir and Shamalgan on the tenth picket signal of the locomotive was changed from green to white.

“According to instructions, at the white color we need to slow down to 40 kilometers per hour. When I started to brake, the assistant immediately said that moving a busy bus. Then I immediately gave the emergency brake. It was somewhere on the seventh or ninth pickets. Until the collision speed had dropped to 54 kilometers per hour, the bus was on the second picket 4028-kilometer. I have not been able to stop. The signal is switched to white after we passed the Shamalgan station, and before that was burning green,” — said Ibrahim Kabaev.

The witness suggests that he could stop the train, if he was given the sign a little earlier, however, the attendant on the bus said.

“Two traffic lights before towing and on the stage was green for the train. All of this surprised me. After the collision I spoke with the duty,” concluded the engineer.

We will remind, a train collision with a bus occurred on 15 September 2019 in the Almaty region. Almost all the people had to leave public transportation. The bus driver died.

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