The MES offers three options of study in the new academic year

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The Ministry of education and science will soon take the final decision how will the new school year. The head office Askhat Aimagambetov said during an online briefing with journalists, reports

The first option, which considers MES, provides distance learning with the exception of remote settlements, where, according to Aymagambetova, there is no threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

The second option. This is a mixed version of the – head with remote for certain classes. Here, of course, needs to be restrictions. First, it is obligatory thermometry, mandatory sanitizer, social distancing. This reduction of classes, subgroups, the abolition of the Cabinet system and so on. It is obvious that even if this option will be conditional, it must act very harsh sanitary standards and requirements.

We are now seeing the experience of some countries that they adhere to this option and this option are. Some are already in may, opened their own schools, just adhering to this variant”, — said the Minister.

The third option is a “regular regime with strict sanitary restrictions.”

“This is when children are taught in person, but there are restrictions on changes in class size, podsmead, for the abolition of the Cabinet system until the regime or schedule to visit the dining rooms. This is also an option in many countries already adopted and also have a clear vision of what details, restrictions and algorithms need to be involved if there is this option,” explained Askhat Aimagambetov.

He added that the Ministry will determine the final basic option, but only if nothing happens.

“We in education need to be prepared for anything, because even if conventionally we begin the school year, I presumably say, in remote mode, no one suggests that this will continue throughout the school year. Therefore, schools should be prepared for the fact that you have this mode to relax and children will come to school. And when the children come to school, there should be created relevant conditions,” Aimagambetov said.

He explained that we must be prepared for developments across all learning options.

Textbooks, continued the head of MES has already been ordered in may. Even with distance learning, he said, “we must provide the child with the paper version of the textbook.” New textbooks students receive 11 classes, already they are shipping by region.

“As for the electronic format is also important. We also agreed with the publishers that we need to ensure the availability and accessibility of electronic versions of textbooks. This is the question that we and the relevant publishing houses are now working, and we will provide,” said Askhat Aimagambetov.

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