A man convicted of statutory rape in Turkestan

85734b128ff6f87baa64b58a637ae328 600x400 - A man convicted of statutory rape in Turkestan

The aggrieved party did not claim in fact directly to the kidnapping of his daughter. The application was filed on charges of rape of a minor, according to Sputnik Kazakhstan.

The man brought the girl to his home and engaged her in sexual intercourse. A few hours stolen found the parents and taken home. Entreaties and suggestions from the kidnapper and his parents situation is not corrected.

The man brought to justice by the third paragraph of article 120 of the criminal code (rape of a minor).

Specialized Interdistrict court of Turkestan, after examining the testimony of witnesses and the case materials, found proved the guilt of the defendant. The thief was sentenced to 11 years in prison. But he still has the opportunity to apply for leniency in the higher courts.

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