The man mysteriously disappeared at Kok-Zhaylau

e256021cc7905d4469475ee2b1e51908 600x400 - The man mysteriously disappeared at Kok-Zhaylau

On 7 January a group of tourists with their words, met in the tract Kok Zhailau man, who could not move because of a sprained foot. Tourists called rescue workers, reported in urban rescue service.

To put forward five lifeguards. Leaving the car in the spring, they headed on foot up the hill and on the way met the caller. Those said that the victim is across the river on the other side of the mountain.

Hung thick fog with visibility not more than 5 m. Rescuers combed the area, but the victim is not found. On the morning of 8 January, on the spot also worked as a lifeguard, and again to no avail.

The search continues. All holding information about the victim or himself, if he managed to get out to people, rescuers are asked to contact the emergency services by phone 109, +7 727 293 53 02, +7 778 721 06 32 (WhatsApp).

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