“We are not the USSR and not Japan” Abenov on school cleaning

Kazakh journalist and public figure Murat Abenov presented their points of view on the resonance of anti-corruption initiatives of the service.

abenov - "We are not the USSR and not Japan" Abenov on school cleaningM. Abenov. Photo from Facebook

In early September, the anti-corruption service suggested the school authorities to consider the involvement of students in cleaning classrooms. According to the idea, this is to educate the young people of Kazakhstan integrity and hard work.

It is useful to introduce children to the labour Minister of education

The society began a large discussion. The initiative is meant for voluntary participation by students, however, began to sound the opinion that innovation can turn into a “obyazalovke”. However, many parents supported the initiative, arguing that the Soviet and Japanese experience.

The Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov said that cleaning of classrooms forces students can only be voluntary and with parental permission. The chamber supported the Minister and made an argument.

“This does not mean that every student should wash the floors” — the Zhangozin about school cleaning

“In fact, the argument adults “and we also washed” does not take into account many aspects —

said the journalist in Facebook. —

Here are a few opinions against it.

1) We are not the Soviet Union, where children could make a to go order and subject to censure and to punishment up to expulsion from the pioneers.

What to do if someone refuses? There are methods of coercion? No

2) Any work that needs to be standardized to ensure safety standards temperature, hygiene, work clothes, place changing rooms and washing, even the weight of the bucket, the size of a broom handle. Safety from electricity, fire, dust, temperature. Even for adults. And then the children.

Who will bear responsibility for the initiative? Are the officials to lawsuits from the parents for possible injury?

3) We are not Japan. A different mentality. Our children worked as a Japanese, it is necessary that their parents were just as hardworking and disciplined.

4) we Have health standards in most schools do not meet the standards. And winter temperatures, especially air conditioning in the warm season. Air conditioning is just not almost all schools. Ventilation does not help. The system extracts out of date.

Keep children in a dusty room with stale air means harm to their health”

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