“We survived, but what’s next?” — passenger BekAir

passenger of the ill-fated flight wrote a post Facebook in which he told his story.

“I was flying home from a session, had not slept in several nights and I couldn’t wait to be home in Nur-Sultan. Me flying my husband — Askhat, it was my Christmas miracle,” begins a story Saule.

According to the girl, the plane was so cold that she asked the wife of the scarf to sit on the seat — it was cold. A long time did not close the front door.

“The last few sleepless days before exams hit me and I fell asleep, woke up from what I heard noise and people screaming, there was panic, I felt that the plane throws in different directions and rush at breakneck speed. Turned to her husband — in his eyes, too, were awful. He started to scream, so I lowered my head on my knees and covering me with his body, creating a shield. Then there was a strong cotton and shock, and I think I blacked out,” says Saul.

According to the girl when she woke up, I felt that the body is encased in some objects, we were surrounded by waste dumps, which are not allowed to get out.

Spouse Saul, Askhat, woke up early and began to pull her, asked her to say he feels arms, legs.

“My body was like a sack stuffed with cotton wool and I felt that feel a sharp pain in his leg. As it turned out it was multiple fractures of the tibia and ankles. We are chosen through the crack in the wall of the aircraft which got to dig through the trash. Every minute was up the road as we thought he was going to explode or the ceiling caves in. We were frightened, but we survived. Husband all day was near, on his feet, while I took on a difficult operation, and the next day and just lay there. Still don’t know how he had the strength. And I don’t understand why he asks me for forgiveness for not saving me and my leg. And now I see in the news such statements as: “nobody’s fault”, “it’s just a coincidence”, “if I wasn’t at home, the plane would have survived, blame Wake turbulence vortex” — said the passenger of the ill-fated flight.

Saule woven from City hospital 4 Almaty in the Institute of trauma and orthopedics Noor Sultan. The girl is grateful to the doctors and all those involved in the aftermath.

“The threat has passed, We survived, but what’s next? For us the nightmare is not over, despite the fact that over the posts in the networks. What will happen to me, my husband, with all who have left to live? What will happen to loved ones, those who have died? Who lost breadwinners who have completely lost property, which they were carrying on Board? I have several months of rehabilitation and possibly more surgery, it’s six months without a job with a good scenario!”, writes Saul.

She told me that to be with family people and relatives come to Almaty from Kazakhstan, rent apartments, spent on different needs, no one has no idea.

“And to prove that we have suffered since we require a pile of documents (checks from those things that are damaged and need repair, and if not, then we say that is not restored, the statement that we really suffered, various other documents confirming our names). I don’t know where the truth lies. But I know for sure that the plane was not supposed to fall, was not supposed to meet the ill-fated wall of unknown buildings. The plane was supposed to fly. We wanted to arrive home for the holiday and to spend old year and welcome the New in good health,” writes Saul.

She hoped that there would be some reaction that will lead to systemic change and passengers will help.

“Why should we look for people who can help us, why are they not with us, and require endless documents? I hope that after all the checks, loud statements, examinations, aircraft will fall, and all of us – victims still have proper attention and help, as long as free assistance from the state only our medicine, but the pain in our hearts remains for life,” writes Saul.

The girl asks him to understand her and every victim and to understand all implications and to help.

To his post, she added the photo, the arrow on the left showing the places where she and her husband sat on the right — the hole through which they escaped.

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