“We have taken strong measures to protect residents,” — Bekshin the

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In particular, the measures for compulsory compliance with isolation at home persons with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 and those with positive results of PCR examination, the press service of the akimat reported.

According to the head of Department of control of quality and safety of goods and services in Almaty, Kazakhstan — chief state sanitary doctor Zhandarbek city Becchina, today citizens violated the rules of home quarantine. Additional measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.

“Asymptomatic carrier of any infection at all times had a special danger. We remember the same hepatitis A, where asymptomatic carrier can infect up to 20 people. Many, as we have seen, violate this requirement. It is fraught with contamination of neighbors and further spread of infection. Therefore, we took special measures to contain the risk of further infection”, — said Bekshin.

He also reminded about the administrative and criminal liability of citizens for non-compliance and violation of the requirements.

“We have taken strict measures to protect residents. These measures are aimed at ending perezarazhenie that is asymptomatic, who are on home quarantine, and persons who have positive results of PCR examination,” he added.

The Ministry recalled that in the absence of the possibility of isolation and the adoption of measures to prevent the spread of infecting others, you should contact the hotline +7 (727) 300-05-05, +7 (727) 300-01-03 Department of public health of Almaty. Finding patients with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 in the quarantine hospital is paid for by the budget.

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