The most harmful kind of bread

When choosing bread, you must first follow its composition.

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About it in interview to “Evening Moscow” spoke Elena Solomatina, the Russian dietician. According to her, the best bread is the one made with only flour, water and salt. This composition comply with pita bread, pita and tortillas Puri. The preferred type of flour – rye or second grade.

First utility I would put a real rye bread. But most often rye bread, as it is written in big letters on the packaging, in its composition of rye flour has no or very little. Do not delude. Manufacturers use wheat flour and dye. Rye fields are almost gone. See ingredients listed on the packaging. At the beginning of the composition write what the prepared product, the latter contains a small supplements, the expert noted.

The nutritionist reminded often people, being hungry, buy “freshly baked” product. Going to the store, they smell the baking, because that creates a false sense that the bread is baked nearby. Solomatina stresses that this is just a marketing ploy

and the bread in large supermarkets just warm

— Oiliness “tasty” dough is usually said about the content of margarine or cooking oil. In healthy bread hydrogenated fats does not happen. TRANS fats contribute to the development of many diseases. It is not necessary to lean on a beautiful lush cheeks. Usually the pastry contains sugar, it quickly raises the level of glucose in the blood, then the body produces insulin. The glucose level falls, we again want to eat. And that is not turned into energy in our body becomes fat, ‘ said Solomatin.

The doctor said that the white bread with the described artificial additives triggers insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Leavening agents in fact change the taste of the product, but not useful.

— With regard to famous bakeries, which sell bread at inflated prices because it is supposedly environmentally friendly. It’s a niche market, just a suggestion for the wealthy. There is the same, but in a more beautiful environment and an excellent package — recommended Solomatin.

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