The reconstruction of the bridge over the Irtysh river

The budget allocated 80 million tenge.

d79ea5ce2fd36af1702ac80e772ff11f - The reconstruction of the bridge over the Irtysh riverPhoto: Khabar 24

In Semei restore emergency bridge over the Irtysh river. According to experts, the design of the required repairs for the last 20 years, reports “Khabar 24”.

“This year we plan to put a small section of asphalt — 1.5 thousand square meters. If he shows himself well will survive the winter and will remain after the spring floods, then the next year the customer plans to continue to completely change the entire coating suspension bridge,” — said Aizhan Utenova, representative of the Contracting organization.

To lay new asphalt coating promise until the end of September.

Recall that in 2018, the object was removed from the balance of passenger transportation and highways in favor of the city administration.

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