Half-smoked cigar of Churchill auctioned

A cigar that has not finished Smoking Winston Churchill in London’s Coliseum will be sold at auction.

742dbb2274db4ded6817a1187d0334fa - Half-smoked cigar of Churchill auctionedPhoto: HANSONS

Tobacco product from the floor raised the usher of the theater, violet king, write “Izvestia”. She helped Churchill and his wife Clementine to take their places. At this point, according to her, the politician dropped his trademark cigar. The niece of the king, who owned a firm for the production of baby incubators, helped to securely seal the cigar.

It is noted that the usher wrote a letter to the residence of Churchill at Downing street in London asking for permission to tell about this story. A week later, the Secretary to the Prime Minister by Jane Portal sent a reply, which said: “the Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your letter. It is, of course, do not mind what you would tell your friends who owns you found the cigar”.

The cigar is put up for auction with Hansons. The expected initial price — not less than 6 thousand pounds.

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