A few stations renamed in Kazakhstan

zheleznye dorogi e1461741163748 600x400 - A few stations renamed in Kazakhstan

This decision was made by the Republican onomastic Commission, reported “Kazakh radiosy”. According to the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development, in 2020, will change the names of 71 stations. With 2017 changed the names of the 15 stations, in the names of the 70 change the transcription.

In 2018 received a proposal from the veterans of the railway industry about renaming the station “Lugovaya” station “Turksib”, in connection with the historical events associated with the construction of the Turkestan-Siberian railway, this road was legendary, known around the world.

Station “Vesna”, located in the Zhambyl region, will be renamed the station “Agolli”. This name was also given to local folk Batyr AIBA, as he always was lucky — “All” in all his military campaigns. Station “Zyryanovsk” will be the station “Altai”, as the station is located within the district of Altai,- said Svetlana Gorobets, Manager of “Freight transportation” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.

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