Nigmatulin: it is necessary to promptly adopt new rules for the safety of the military warehouses

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During consideration in the first reading legislative amendments on the issues of martial law speech, in particular, was about the responsibility for violation of the rules of establishing exclusion zones and forbidden areas in the arsenals, bases and warehouses of the Armed forces and military formations.

— The issue of security of depots and arsenals of the Armed forces and other troops is very important, especially after the events in Arys. Event in the city occurred in June of last year, and the necessary measures at the level of normative-legal acts are still not accepted, — said the Chairman of the Majilis Nurlan Nigmatulin.

The speaker stressed that existing rules for establishing exclusion zones and forbidden areas, approved by the Ministry of defence in 2015, this is often not true.

According to the data of the 58 storage facilities in the country around 18 years (within the exclusion zones and districts) there are various production facilities, roads, energy infrastructure, there is a house.

In other words, rules are, and the levers and controls are not installed. It may be feasible to develop a separate bill to address these issues — focused Nigmatulin.

According to the Majilis speaker, it is necessary to oblige local Executive authorities in the allocation for various purposes of land plots to comply with the requirements for the safe removal from the arsenals, bases and depots with the introduction of administrative responsibility. In addition, you must update and rules, to review the requirements on the limits of the restricted areas and areas depending on the kinds and amounts of storage.

In this regard, instruct the relevant Committee of the Majilis to take up the preparation of the bill. And perhaps this Law should be adopted before the end of the current session, — said Nurlan Nigmatulin, Recalling that according to the instructions of the security Council, the legislative provisions on this matter should be taken no later than June 2020.

During consideration of the bill the deputies have raised the question about the necessity of obtaining military service and conscripts personal accounts of military document. Deputies are invited to make the necessary provision in the administrative code stipulating liability for the failure to do so.

— Reservist must have an account with a military document. It has rightly been said, if there is obligation, there must be responsibility, — said the Majilis speaker.

Thus, according to Nigmatulin, the current legislation has no obligation or liability for the availability of accounting and military documents.

According to statistics for 2019 36% of the conscripts did not receive these documents.

— And if tomorrow, relatively speaking, these reservists will need? How, in a matter of hours, tens of thousands of troops will be provided with the military tickets? Reservists must obtain account-the military document, and to bear the administrative liability for avoiding this obligation. Especially because we are talking about strengthening of defensibility of the country, — said the Chairman of the Majilis.

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