“Tiresome” — Sergey Neighbors criticized the Dimash

Known music critic Sergei Neighbors after viewing the shortlist of artists from Russia to participate in “Eurovision” , said that the Dimash just before this competition.

According to Sosedova, while working with I. Cool in terms of repertoire Kudaibergen nothing added.

“Boring songs about the weary swans. Again, no obvious hits, what is the point to send it for the contest. There are more worthy candidates,” commented Neighbors.

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Note, the news that Dimash was going to “Eurovision” from Russia, turned out to be fictional: the list of contenders, among which was Kazakhstan singer, hastened to publish some media. After the hype, the artist has written that will perform at the show only in one case — if he was invited as a guest.

“Dear friends, due to the fact that I had a lot of emails about my participation at the Eurovision song contest from Russia, I want to answer. Can I attend this contest only if I am invited as a guest. As a participant I will not speak, because I do not think it is necessary for you. My participation in the America to show The world’s best on CBS was my last competition where I participated as a contestant. With great respect and love for my audience I should say that there is only one country that I represent in the international arena — this is my homeland of Kazakhstan. Thank you all for your support and for your love. See you at my solo concerts in the round “Arnau”,” wrote Dimash Kudaibergen.

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