Public control of medical organizations started to work

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Over hundred Kazakhstan citizens have already expressed the desire to join the group for public control of medical organizations, according to MIA Kazinform.

“Less than a day we were approached by more than a hundred of Kazakhs who are ready to join the group of public monitoring. The most interested of the regions of Kazakhstan, residents of regional centers and villages. People write about the problems faced by their relatives. There are many suggestions, criticism. The most pressing issues: working conditions of doctors, the conditions of stay in hospitals for patients, transparency in the distribution emerges in the country of humanitarian aid”, — said the coordinator of social control, Advisor to the Minister of information and public development Lima Dias.

According to her, we are creating a headquarters of public control.

“We are going through a difficult organizational period. Produced by the mechanisms of cooperation with health institutions, local administrations, public councils and NGOs. Tomorrow during the day will be published a list of regional coordinators. Also we are working on the solution of a question on provision of means of individual protection of our activists, because people’s safety is the first priority,” said Diaz.

Note, to participate in the work of social control they want and elected officials. So, about your desire to join the group and said the Majilis Deputy Irina Smirnova. In addition, a lot of Kazakhs who want to volunteer in public control.

“I’m ready to be a volunteer in Karaganda and Nur-Sultan. She had COVID-19. Work as an auditor, I can help wherever you need help. May enter the monitoring group and to help in the hospitals,” wrote a resident Aizhan Suleimenova.

“Ready to take part in public control. With respect, Vladimir Privalov, Shymkent and Turkestan oblast, the journalist of the newspaper “South Kazakhstan”, — said one of applicants.

Earlier it was reportedthat the country has created a public control of healthcare organizations.

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