Kazakhstan’s experience very useful for us — Ukrainian expert

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Also in an interview with MIA “Kazinform” he told me about his vision of the modern state of the Kazakh-Ukrainian interaction.

— Currently, the entire world is faced with an unprecedented phenomenon – a coronavirus. The world is looking for the most optimal model of leveling its consequences. How do you assess the efforts of the government of Kazakhstan measures to support the economy and the population in connection with the imposed quarantine?

— Indeed, the world is facing a serious crisis and has been in a fight with a common enemy — cov. This crisis brings suffering and turns of people’s lives and negatively affects the global economy. And to win this fight is only possible with solidarity. Need a global, coordinated solutions and actions.

That is why our government is working closely with the business. And, in particular, is actively studying the experience of other countries in this complicated issue. Therefore, Kazakhstan’s experience very useful for us.

In my opinion

those decisive steps, what is today Kazakhstan, powerless to stop the consequences of the spread of coronavirus

not only for human health but for the health of the economy. The government of Kazakhstan adopted specific measures to support the financial sector. According to the decision of the President of Kazakhstan, the state has allocated $ 10 billion for anti-crisis measures throughout the country. There are tax incentives and local support. Also important is the fact that your President has allocated $ 1.5 billion for lending working capital to small and medium businesses.

But the most important thing that doctors, police officers and other specialists working at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus, as well as people who have lost income in connection with the crisis, will receive bonus payments.

All these measures are intended to help the population and economy to survive in this difficult struggle.

— We know that recently you have met with the newly appointed Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Ukraine Darkhan by Kaletaev, and you discussed a number of measures to intensify bilateral trade and economic cooperation. Could you share your vision of the modern state of Kazakh-Ukrainian cooperation, prospects of its development and what measures you plan to take?

— Kazakhstan — one of our main trade partners among the countries of Central Asia. Cooperating with Kazakhstan, Ukraine can receive from the experience of the Republic in the sphere of economic reforms. For our state they are now is very important. I sincerely believe that our economy could become complementary. Ukraine can become for Kazakhstan a platform of access to the European market since last few years we have been working in the framework of the FTA.

Mr. Ambassador Darkhan by Kaletaev we discussed the current state and ways of intensifying our work. Our meeting proved once again the interest and focus on the economization of relations. I am very impressed that the focus of the discussions were devoted to specific projects. Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine — organization of specific actions, this approach is close to us.

The Ambassador noted that today we are actively developing our cooperation in the agricultural sector. The number of dairy farms in the Akmola, Almaty, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan and South Kazakhstan regions are closely cooperating with Ukrainian companies, belonging to the Association of milk producers of Ukraine.

Kazakhstan companies created a joint venture for the production of agricultural machinery with participation of Ukrainian companies belonging to the League of builders of Ukraine.

Steadily growing cooperation in the nuclear industry. In order to meet the needs of Ukrainian NPPs are carried out supplies of uranium products and conducted work on the organization of cooperation with Ukrainian partners in the production of fuel assemblies.

Collaboration is also developing in the transport sector, in the field of fuel and energy complex, implementation of joint space projects, etc.

The rise in the number of employees of the Kazakh-Ukrainian joint ventures, whose number reached 950.

By the end of 2019, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Ukraine amounted to almost $ 1.5 billion.

UCCI also works systematically to develop our trade and economic relations. We know that the intensity is characterized by the contacts and carry out regular bilateral forums and meetings are great opportunities for growth of mutual trade turnover.

We are in active working contact with the chamber of Commerce and the chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan. It is also important to note that it continues to operate effectively interstate Commission for trade-economic cooperation.

Between Ukraine and Kazakhstan created a legal framework — now there are almost no areas that are not regulated, it should be easy to use effectively.

All this can not but rejoice.

So, form positive examples. Step by step work on.

— Ukraine is currently taking serious measures to improve the investment climate of the country. Tell us what niche in the economy of Ukraine, or maybe large projects could be potentially interesting for Kazakhstani business.

— Indeed, for economic growth, a favorable investment climate at the present stage becomes the main issue.

The reform process continues. A reasonable policy is to provide if not a quick, permanent and continuous improvement.

Today promising sectors for cooperation of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, in my opinion, energy, food processing, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, health.

Yet, in connection with the coronavirus, the world economic Outlook is quite vague. But we believe that it will be over soon, and it’ll be all good.

I want to note that in recent years in Ukraine is actively growing it industry, new venture capital funds and it-startups. The it sector does not affect the political situation in the country, the global demand for Ukrainian programmers in the near future will grow, so the risks for investors are minimal. Apart from it the direction in Ukraine are developing and related projects, for example, in the development of hardware products.

In the light of the growth of the world population and increasing demand for food products of particular relevance is investments in agriculture.

In short,

although 2020 and become the most easy for the investors because of the constant changes in the world market, but opportunities for profitable investment now a lot.

Selected and tested investment proposals in various fields of business you can always contact us at the CCI of Ukraine.

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