Write the names and patronymics will allow a hyphen

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Kazakhstanis will be allowed to write the name and patronymic with a hyphen. About the innovation said the Majilis Deputy Maira Aisina, reports baigenews.kz

“Before the name of the father was written with a hyphen: Ali Asan, for example, and we could give as the basis for a patronymic only one of these names, whether it is together written. Now we give you the opportunity to write a patronymic with a hyphen,” — said the majilisman.

In addition, proactive mode will be transferred service of receipt for newborns.

“This means that the government will not wait for him to turn people, and will have itself to offer services to people. For example, immediately after the birth of a child initiates services for registration of birth, the appointment of two types of benefits, its registration and statement on turn in a kindergarten. In pilot mode this service has already received mom’s 120 thousand newborns,” concluded Aisina.

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