The arsonist was detained in Almaty region

Police arrested 32-year-old man wanted in 2018 on suspicion of arson of private homes of their neighbors.

naruchniki na pedofile - The arsonist was detained in Almaty regionSource

Male due to family scandals repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for small hooliganism and infliction of light harm to health, reports MIA “Kazinform“.

The police Department explained that on the fact of arson criminal case. But the suspect fled and more than a year was wanted by the police in the ili district. October 15, the suspect was detained and taken to the police.

7 June 2018 in ili district, the police asked the resident of the village of Cockayne a statement about the arson of her house. The victim was a suspect in the arson of the fellow villager. The woman suggested that he thus avenged her because she took his wife with children after a family scandal.

Pre-trial investigation under article 202 of part 2 of the criminal code “Deliberate destruction or damage of property”, renewed by the police. The detained man already confessed to the arson, detained in the detention center of the ili district police.

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