Why eye twitches, explained the doctor

Some people are often faced with the twitch of an eye, but the nature of this phenomenon, few people know.

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According to Russian neurologist Svetlana Kuznetsova, “twitching eyes” is a manifestation of a nervous TIC, writes “AIF”.

— Involuntary contraction of circular muscle of the eye is called myokymia. The twitching of the upper or lower eyelid — most common type of nervous TIC. Usually the process involves one eye. This condition has a sudden onset and short duration. It may be invisible to others. But sometimes the twitching lasts a month or more and, of course, causes discomfort and anxiety. Man cannot control this process, myokymia occurs and ends spontaneously. Perhaps over time the twitching can become visible to others, — said the doctor.

The reason myokymia can be a serious disease like Parkinson’s disease and micronutrient deficiency, eye fatigue or infectious disease (flu, conjunctivitis, etc.).

Twitching of the century, based on the occurrence of which lies the pathology of the eye requires a visit to an ophthalmologist and further treatment by a specialist, said Kuznetsova. If the TIC causes the closing of the eyelids or the process involved other parts of the face, it is a reason to immediately contact a neurologist.

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