The President congratulated Kazakhstan on the National day of dombra

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The congratulation of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev with the National day of dombra published by the press service reports.

Dear compatriots! Dear friends!

I congratulate you on the National day of dombra!

This festival represents our commitment to spiritual renovation, and the deeper meaning of our traditions.

The sounds of dombra, we hear the origins of national history and centuries-old chronicle of the great steppe.

Native Kazakhs inherent nobleness and generosity was always reflected in musical works and making.

It is impossible to imagine the unique culture and art of our people without the dombra.

At all times heartfelt kui lifted the national spirit.

“Real Kazakh is not Kazakh, true Kazakh – dombra” – so glorified her our great poet Kadyr Myrza Ali.

We are proud that our national musical instrument is a cultural heritage recognized by the international community.

To cherish and to pass from father to son is a priceless treasure – a sacred duty of each of us.

I am particularly pleased that every year more and more young people are drawn to the soul of the lute.

I want to thank our artists who popularitybut traditional Kazakh music.

I congratulate all the Day of dombra!

Let its bright melodies fill every home!

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