Russian vaccine against COVID-19 showed the effectiveness

vaktsina 600x400 - Russian vaccine against COVID-19 showed the effectiveness

This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports RBC.InEdinstvo cooperation with the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. N. F.Gamalei started final stage clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus infection. July 15, volunteers from the first group who were tested for tolerance and safety, rent control analyses and will be discharged from the hospital.

Monday, July 13, research participants from the second group, doctors will make a second injection of the vaccine. The first shot was to test the efficacy and immunogenicity of the drug, the second is to reinforce the immune system and to increase its duration.

Now all the test feeling good, their psychological and moral condition is also normal. Physicians during the daily inspections did not reveal any side effects from the injection.

The defense Ministry said that on the 42nd day after vaccination, the volunteers must return to the hospital for final medical examination and registration of necessary documents.

Testing a Russian vaccine COVID-19 started in the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital on June 18 — then the 18 volunteers from the first group received different components of the drug. After five days of injections did 20 testers from the second group. Most participants in clinical trials — the military, women and men of different ages, including military doctors.

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