Russian special forces noticed in Norway

Fighters of special troops of armed forces had been seen on Svalbard and in mainland Norway.

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This is with reference to sources in the Norwegian intelligence service and NATO announced the publication of AldriMer, reports According to interlocutors of the edition, the Russian military has studied critical infrastructure and conducted reconnaissance on the ground. The source claims that the mainland’s military action under the guise of civilians.

According to the publication, U.S. planes carried out in the area razvedchika the air and gave the Norwegian side of the photo, which depicted the Russian special forces.

The Ministry of defence of Norway has refused to give official comments about the appearance of foreign troops on the territory of the country. It is expected that the special forces were in Norway in connection with the exercise, during which the Northern fleet of Russia came close to Svalbard.

The teachings of Arctic group of Northern fleet of the Navy of Russia started on 5 August and lasted for about two months. During the campaign there have been over 200 naval exercises, including in the archipelago Franz-Joseph Islands Bolshevik, Visa and Privacy, as well as on the Taimyr Peninsula.

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