Sagintayev ordered to remove a squirrel from Atakent

00a28ca5e865b362a9658cf4fb11cbf2 e1535005832117 600x400 - Sagintayev ordered to remove a squirrel from Atakent

Squirrel at Atakent dismantled. The information was confirmed Arnar the Kurmashev, head of the culture Department of Almaty reports

“It was specifically instructed akim of Bostandyk district: to dismantle the squirrel. Generally, all small architectural forms, which look, shall we say, unsightly, or already dilapidated, broken, now much work is being done in their removal. It is a direct order Bakytzhan Sagintayev stressed the Kurmashev.

The dismantling of the structures will occupy an indefinite time. According to experts, to quickly get rid of a huge design fail.

“Dismantling need serious resources, protein small,” concluded Arnar the Kurmashev.

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