Family contest “Parity Otbasy” was held in Almaty

In Almaty conducted a large-scale competition “Otbasy Parity”. The purpose of this event is the formation of good family values, ethical values, anti-corruption culture, and moral and spiritual education of the younger generation.2a83f3b48dd1e59e99a34a91bd9dabaa 700x526 - Family contest "Parity Otbasy" was held in Almaty“Parity Otbasy”

Family is very important link in the transfer of the child’s social-historical experience, the experience of emotional and business cooperation.

Intrigued by the contest of good family, applied for by more than 500 families.

“The promotion of family values, the formation of integrity, honesty, development-conscious person, a decent modern achievements, revealing an honest, respectable student with advanced ideas and propaganda in the society of respectable families, who were winners in the competition – is one of the mechanisms of formation of anti-corruption culture,” — said in the anti-corruption Agency.

First place was awarded to the family Amirhanovich (the head of the family Muratbek Cherepanovih) with an active intellectual and charitable activities. Children take an active part in public events, know family values, doing creative work and are winners of various sports.

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According to the results of the competitions the jury also appreciated the family in several categories. The winners were awarded valuable prizes

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