Seven-year-old suffered from a pedophile in Baikonur

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The head of city administration Konstantin Busygin, addressed to the citizens.

“In our city there was a horrible crime – the actions of a violent nature has been a girl for 7 years. Criminal case is brought. The tyrant is detained and placed in temporary detention. Law enforcement officers are questioning him and carried out other investigative actions. Our law enforcement agencies will conduct a qualified investigation and the offender will be punished to the fullest extent of the law”, — is spoken in the address.

Konstantin Busygin has asked residents of the city, villages Toretam and Akay to remain calm and not attempt in any way to influence law enforcement agencies.

He noted that emotional actions can hinder the investigation.

“Law enforcement officers are outraged by the incident a crime, as we are, we need now not to put pressure on them psychologically, not to interfere with the investigation. For my part I will personally supervise that the case went to trial, and the perpetrator suffered the most severe punishment,” — said the head of the administration.

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