Died 127-year-old resident of Tajikistan

07ba79cc5dd6abec83bb5579bb781da2 600x400 - Died 127-year-old resident of Tajikistan

She was the oldest inhabitant of the country. It is reported khovar.tj.

Life Mirzakulova has lived in his native Asht district, doing peasant labor. Her early years were spent in the village of Kakhramon. Married, Fatima moved to Dahanu.

Our heroine took part in the construction of the Fergana canal. According to the recollections of villagers, after retirement grandma Fatima continued to work in the fields during cotton harvest season.

Our heroine had five daughters and three sons. Today the progeny of Fatima are about 200 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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