Social bread will not rise

In 2019 15.1 million harvested hectares harvested 19,1 million tons of grain and legumes, including wheat, barley, corn, rice, etc.

8a73b7fe7f783fbb438c37c044f4b2df - Social bread will not risePhoto: Sputnik / Alexey Sukhorukov

According to preliminary estimates, taking into account carry-over of wheat 2018, the amount of the distribution until the next harvest will amount to 14.9 million tons, of which domestic consumption is expected to use about 5.9 million tons (seeds, fodder, industrial processing), export potential is of the order of 6.0 to 7 million tons, according to the Ministry of agriculture.

According to the Committee on statistics as of 15 September 2019 at grain enterprises in the presence of a 5.1 million tons of grain, including grain of JSC “food contract Corporation” in the amount of 350 thousand tons of wheat. In addition, the Corporation will purchase up to 300-350 thousand tons of grain. Monthly stocks of flour at enterprises of regions is 178,0 thousand tons.

Thus, the situation with supplies of grain and flour in the Republic is stable. According to official statistics, the average price of bread from wheat flour of the first grade, the so-called “social bread” 76.5 tenge for a loaf. Price for social bread will not rise.

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