The Moscow Prosecutor’s office called the cause of death of cattle Aguadilla

046cb0bdc96abf5ec65018f424315326 600x400 - The Moscow Prosecutor's office called the cause of death of cattle Aguadilla

“Acute cardio-vascular insufficiency was the cause of death of cattle Aguadilla”, said the Prosecutor of the city of Nur-Sultan, reports MIA “Kazinform”.

Metropolitan police Department started a pretrial investigation into the death of cattle Aguadilla 25 Feb. To ensure the objectivity of the investigation of the criminal case taken to the production management spectaculorum Prosecutor Nur-Sultan.

The research body held on 26 February hozaystvo the lawyer of the family of the deceased. The process was involved in private legal experts (from the deceased).

“According to the results, experts found that the cause of death of Aguadilla is acute cardiovascular insufficiency. Any injuries characteristic of violence is not installed. Experts, and also the brother and his lawyer’s comments and petitions is not declared”, — reported in the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office.

The forensic report will be published on the results of laboratory tests.

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