Son official caught with bribe mother

In Karaganda region a criminal case on the head of the Department of HCS, passenger transport and highways of Satpaev city.

416e97301a1c3ebbfd8fe2040bfb4f8a e1570783316159 - Son official caught with bribe motherFrame rapid shooting. Source — YouTube / anti-corruption service RK

The official is suspected of receiving bribes in the amount of 1.2 million tenge. Unwitting intermediary was made by the son of supernumerary, who knew about her illegal intentions, misleading in the anti-corruption service.

According to investigators, the bribe was handed over by Director of enterprise, engaged in the installation of lighting in Satpayev within the framework of the program of development of regions. The purpose of the bribes was unimpeded reception of works, the enumeration of too the remaining amount of 4 million tenge and General support.

The investigation is being conducted.

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