Tokayev threatened the government

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we are receiving humanitarian assistance, thank you for the consultation of foreign experts, —

quoted the head of state’s press service reports. —

Another disadvantage. We are constantly changing ways of working.

The former leadership of the Ministry of health suddenly decided to separate patients with “symptomatic” and “asymptomatic”. Now we have abandoned this technique. That such actions cause doubts among the population

Despite sufficient time, the former leadership of the Ministry of health are unable at the proper level to prepare for the epidemic.

The number of patients and other factors all their predictions were incorrect

This question was also admitted blunders on the part of the government. It is necessary to say openly.

Since this is an emergency, we must promptly to take all decisions relating to the pandemic. Recommendations and requirements of the Minister of health should be a priority for other members of the government and akims.

In short,

consider that during a pandemic the Minister of health has a special status and competence

Instruct the Ministry to provide daily report and information on the pandemic to the government and akimats.

I hope that the situation will improve in two weeks. Otherwise, the question arises about the possibility of the government’s work in General in this part”

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