Tokayev will continue Nazarbayev’s program of structural modernization of the CIS

The head of state delivered a speech at the meeting of the Council of heads of state of the Commonwealth.

649180c464f2b94953c35ea2e9f294e9 - Tokayev will continue Nazarbayev's program of structural modernization of the CISPhoto: Akorda

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has presented a comprehensive vision for the further development of the Commonwealth of Independent States, reports Akorda.

The President believes CIS of an authoritative international organization, which helped to maintain and strengthen political, economic and humanitarian relations between the countries of the Commonwealth.

However, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev noted that the world has entered an era of tension and uncertainty, the architecture of international relations shaken because of the crisis of confidence, the turbulence in the global economy leading to outflow of capital from developing countries. Against this background, in the opinion of the President, to change the approach to regional integration many of the integration model, first seemed unshakeable, and tested for strength.

“Our Commonwealth will also have to pass a difficult, but extremely necessary process of adaptation to changing realities. On the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, we have embarked on a process of structural modernization of the CIS. In 2017, work has begun on updating the concept of further development and the strategy of economic development of the Commonwealth. I intend to continue this work,” the President said.

The President called one of the priorities of the CIS development of trade-economic cooperation.

“The creation in 2011 of a free trade Zone of the CIS have improved conditions for trade exchange between our countries. However, further expansion of trade cooperation require further work to reduce existing barriers. We need a new growth point, which would give a new impetus to economic interaction within the CIS”, — said K. Tokayev.

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