Only strict enforcement of the quarantine measures will help to interrupt the chain of infection — Esmagambetov

79655a96c5d8f47c9bb7f8968ae79204 600x400 - Only strict enforcement of the quarantine measures will help to interrupt the chain of infection — Esmagambetov

On hard sanitary-epidemiological measures Aizhan Esmagambetova told at the site of the Central communications Service.

The number of flights, air and railway communications within the country will remain the same. Suspend intercity bus transportation, but will allow movement by car between the regions.

Strictly prohibited are mass entertainment and sporting events, including the family home. In the Mall and shopping the house can be reached only for groceries in supermarkets, for drugs in pharmacy. Fans of karaoke, bowling, night and computer clubs will have to sit at home.

Banned and children’s play areas with rides and trampolines. Cinema, museums, concert halls are also in this list. Will work remotely religious objects. Various training and educational centers for children and adults will once again close its doors.

Baths, swimming pools, beauty salons and SPA under a ban, indoor food and nonfood markets will not work, but non-food shops are allowed to work on the delivery. In medical organizations may be strictly by appointment, but allowed operation of tourism facilities and organizations.

State agencies and quasihereditary sector, the national company needs to keep on working remotely 80% of the state. PSCs, Kazpost, the banks will work, but with a time limit and strict observance of camapigners.

Allowed work first arrived on the air and find the room up to 30 people, in parks and squares can be observing social distance. Construction and industrial sites will continue their activities. Moreover, the objects, whose activities are permitted, are required to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. Control over the observance of quarantine measures will conduct a special monitoring group. Violations involve administrative penalties, both for individuals and SMEs.

“Only strict enforcement of quarantine measures will allow us to interrupt the chain of infection and transmission. Population and business representatives need to treat the situation with utmost responsibility, to do everything to not get infected and not to infect others, and for this we all need to carry out the prescribed measures of quarantine and simple prevention measures that have become part of our life and allow us to avoid imposing severe quarantine, with the suspension of all economic sectors, except for life support”, — summed up Aizhan Esmagambetova.

Recall, from 00.00 on July 5, Kazakhstan is closed on a two-week quarantine. The corresponding decree was signed by the chief state sanitary doctor. In the document more than 25 points.

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