Trump has declared war on “political censorship” in social networks

bc9b61b1e03313d8156c2b0e4a59f1bc e1540529083365 600x400 - Trump has declared war on "political censorship" in social networks

As reported ria.rupreviously Twitter said one of the publications trump as false. In response, the President said about the possibility of regulation of activity of social networks in the case that they will continue their policies regarding publication of users with conservative political views. According to trump, the actions of the administrations of social networks indicate that the social network is not a “neutral platform”.

“In American history there is no precedent to such a small number of corporations control such a large sphere of human interaction —

said the American leader. —

At such moments, Twitter ceases to be a neutral community platform and becomes the editor with your point of view. I think the same can be said of the other, if you look on Google, if you look at Facebook and maybe others.”

Reports kommersant.rutrump has described the document as “Executive decree for the protection of freedom of speech and rights of US citizens”.

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