Terrifying farm lab found in Germany (18+)

Horrifying pharmacological laboratory, which conducted experiments on animals, discovered by German police in Hamburg. Monkeys there, chained by the neck with a metal wiring, it was necessary to test certain drugs on their faces, reported the Daily Mail. In addition, laboratory cage in a pool of blood found the dog of the Beagle breed.

German inspectors raided the building of the so-called research center. They took video of what was happening in this torture chamber. Along the wall in metal brackets in a row stood (or rather hung) monkeys. According to media reports, laboratory of pharmacology and toxicology belongs to the company LPT GmbH & Co. Most likely, we are talking about a lab in one of the districts of Hamburg — Minebuster. She is now temporarily closed.

An activist under the guise of Frederick Mullen got the job at the research center LPT GmbH & Co in December 2018. He worked there until March 2019 and announced that he was a witness of tests on beagles, monkeys, cats and rabbits conducted for companies worldwide.

According to him, animals were kept in terrible conditions. Beagles thrust tube into the esophagus to make it easier to push the drug in dogs was krovotochivostyu ragged wound in his throat. The laboratory staff were subjected to abuse by untrained animals.

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photo: Cruelty Free International

He added that worst of all treated monkeys. Due to small cells where they were kept, they have developed mental illness. It was often possible to observe how primates walk in them in a circle.

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photo: Cruelty Free International

Cats were made to 13 injections per day, because of what they suffered terribly. Activists reported these cases to the police. The guards first raided the lab, is currently under investigation.

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photo: Cruelty Free International

“Animals wagged their tails, when they were taken to killing. The dog was desperate for human contact,” said Frederick Mullen.

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photo: Cruelty Free International

After the footage was released, the authorities of Hamburg carried out a sampling in the company and has confirmed some of the allegations made earlier by the activists for the protection of animals.

“We found that the cells were too small, as claimed by activists,” — said the representative of the local authorities.

Local regulatory authority Laves — State office for consumer protection and food safety — submitted to the Prosecutor charged with violating the laws on the protection of animals. Also, the regulator is considering the revocation of the license, the company is testing drugs on animals.

The office noted that … if the license is revoked, the laboratory should be closed immediately.

LPT is a laboratory which carries out tests on the toxicity of pharmaceuticals, industrial and agro-chemical companies from around the world to meet the demands of governments and regulators.

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