Scientists from Pavlodar has developed electrocutaneous

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Scientists of Pavlodar state University Asylkhan Masubi and Ruslan Mukanov create a test model electrocautery, reports

The inventors believe that the project, which has no analogues in the region, will be a success.

Innovative Minister it is planned to use as a walking taxis on the water bodies of the Pavlodar region, as well as to use for cleaning the debris in the water.

– “Today we are witnessing a high demand for small boats from fishing, hunting, tourism, the demand for taxis walking along the Irtysh river and lakes, declared a National protected areas”, – said Asylkhan Masubi.

Among the advantages of the invention: low cost, ease of fabrication and eco-friendliness.

Electrocutaneous powered from renewable energy sources and can accommodate up to twenty people. In addition, a hybrid engine of the invention will allow to develop a speed up to 15 km. per hour against the current.

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