The scientists have put an end to the eternal debate of meat eaters and vegans

Specialists for many years checked, who on average live longer than vegetarians or meat-lovers.

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At the beginning of zero in several countries launched a study on the dietary habits of Europeans, writes RIA Novosti. Scientists for 13 years, watched almost half a million people and came to the conclusion that the love of red meat can lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature death. So, the probability to die young was 4% higher in those who ate more than 160 grams of meat products per day than confined to only 20 grams.

During the 13 years of observation died every 17th volunteer. Almost 10 thousand died from cancer, 5.5 thousand from diseases of the heart and blood vessels

But to blame only the love of red meat is premature, said the authors. After all, eating a lot of meat products is also often smoked, were obese and had other behavioral characteristics that harm the health.

A few years later, American researchers managed to find a perfect group of participants without these bad habits, parishioners of one of the Protestant churches. Researchers have for several years watched 96 thousand believers, most of whom adhered to vegetarianism. Although rest and eating meat, but very little — on average around 50 g per day.

During the period of research from different reasons died about 8 thousand, 2.5 thousand from cardiovascular diseases. As shown by calculations, the meat eaters died more often vegetarians, and the link between premature death and consumption of red meat.

If the results are to be transferred to the entire human population, approximately 6.3% of early death from all causes and 9% of heart attacks and strokes — the result of regular consumption of meat, the researchers note.

And the more people consume meat products, the higher the risk of malignant tumors

The probability of developing colon cancer is 20% higher than those who daily consumes 76 grams of red and processed meat than those who are limited to only 20 grams. A complete rejection of the meat by up to 35% reduces the risk of colon cancer in women.

However, to completely abandon the use of meat is harmful. First, many contained therein nutrients, for example vitamin B12, are absorbed better than their vegetable counterparts. Secondly, as was shown by Australian researchers, red meat in the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis — an autoimmune disease characterized by the destruction of the Central nervous system. The preventive effect is due to protein, iron, potassium, vitamin D and b vitamins contained in red meat, the authors of the work.

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