Died Olympic champion Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov

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On the death of the Olympic champion announced in the Kazakhstan Federation of Greco-Roman, freestyle and women’s wrestling. Cause of death not reported.

Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov was born on 6 may 1951 at the farm Chapaev Sverdlovsk district, Dzhambul region, Kazakh SSR.

The 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow, he acted in a weight category to 48 kg and became the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling.

In 2017, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has assigned the Ushkempirov the title of “Kazakhstannyn Enbek ERI”.

Among his awards are also the “gold” of the championship of the world (1981), “silver” the European championship (1980) and the title of honored master of sports of the USSR.

In 2019 about life Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov was filmed feature film “Zhaksylyk”.

Edition 365info.kz expresses its sincere condolences to the family Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov.

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