The fourth quarter will be held for students in a completely new format

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Kazakhstan teachers preparing for the new format. Vice-Minister of education Sholpan Karinova sure that everyone (students and teachers) adapt quickly enough.

“Now is the time, when the usual teachers training need to be reinforced and digital competences, to rebuild the work in this direction. Yeah, it’s never simple, never easy. The more teachers there is no systematic experience in remote mode. They were not required. But during the lessons the teacher worked with a digital educational resources, electronic textbooks and electronic journals. Perhaps this is the whole list of what in normal times was used by the teacher. I must admit that this is also some experience,” — wrote in facebook Sholpan Karinova.

The Vice-Minister stressed that the education model has changed dramatically.

“Remote lesson is not that the same school lesson in forty minutes. There are other approaches, other principles. In such a difficult time should not be misunderstandings and that someone is forcing teachers to record online lessons and more. Under these conditions it is necessary and essential to the teacher, this new context for his work. Most importantly, expect him to interesting pupils,” continued Karinova.

She encourages parents to treat internally innovations with understanding.

“First of all, please to be understanding parents, to help your child to master the course material in a new environment, help the teacher to establish the necessary contact with the student, work together to achieve the desired results. The only way we can during this difficult time to overcome difficulties and to organize the educational process correctly, to give children the necessary knowledge and competences”, — says the Vice-Minister.

The authority consider that not all families have access to high speed Internet.

“We understand that there are problems of lack of quality of Internet on the part of schools, lack of home computers, some children and teachers. There are instances when the family has several children, the lack of an existing online platforms. All these issues will be resolved individually, vision for their solution are specified”, — says Sholpan Karinova.

She added that it was established a project office under the Ministry of education and science, regional departments of education in distance learning.

“Recommendations for schools and teachers. Developed special online, telecourse, webinars. In addition, to help children and teachers on TV channels “Balapan” and “El Arna” since the beginning of the fourth quarter a day five days a week will be broadcast lessons for pupils of 1-11 classes. Now every day there are special shooting these tilaurakot,” — said the Deputy Minister.

For children will be prepared more than two thousand tilaurakot.

“They are designed in full compliance with SES and curriculum. For their preparation are applied a lot of effort. The best teachers from the schools of Nur Sultan Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, Republic, international, private schools will conduct lessons for children across the country. Only need support for teachers! I want to wish good luck to our dear children and teachers in understanding the new basics in the world of knowledge!” — concluded the Deputy Minister.

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