10 measures aimed at combating the epidemic of coronavirus in Almaty region

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The head of Almaty region amandyk Batalov has approved 10 measures to contain the epidemic of coronavirus in the region.

  1. Businessmen of Almaty region supported the appeal of President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. In their statements, the respondents said that fully agree with the initiative to unite in the fight against coronavirus. For example, the Fund Bolat Nazarbayev “Sally Golden generation” has allocated 150 million tenge own funds to fight the virus COVID-19. In turn, the company “SADU development” has sent 18 thousand bottles of ethyl alcohol by medical professionals, police officers, emergency and other services, taking an active part in the fight against coronavirus in the city of Almaty.
  2. On the outskirts of the city of Almaty has 16, and in Taldyqorghan delivered 4-hour health posts. On the block-posts around Almaty disinfection of transport and cargo. Here round the clock in the police and SES employees. Duty fully secured with thermal imaging, medical masks and special costumes. In addition, the Department of health were put medical masks for law enforcement and administrative structures, which are on duty on posts.
  3. In connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the medical institutions of Almaty region work in the mode of increased readiness. In a 150 infectious beds for the treatment of patients with a diagnosis of Coronavirus infection, 800 and provisory 1217 quarantine (the observation) beds. If necessary, the number of beds will be increased (up to 11 217-x). At outpatient and inpatient levels are 38 infectious diseases, 143 anestesiologia-intensive care, 8 nephrologists, 12 of transfusion, 98 447 neurologists and therapists. In the Central district hospitals established a mobile team in identifying false information about the coronavirus. In 17 districts and 2 cities working on the same team, they answer all the questions. Summing up, in this region in all medical institutions there are enough masks and medicines, they also work in emergency mode.
  4. Woman consisting on the account on pregnancy in Almaty, can easily be hospitalized at any medical facility in Almaty region, where they currently reside. Also, patients diagnosed with hemodialysis (chronic renal failure) border regions of Almaty city are delivered from the regional first aid hospital in Almaty multiprofile clinical hospital.
  5. The closure of ICBC “Khorgos” was extended. Chief state sanitary doctor of the Almaty region K. baymukhambetov adopted a decree “On strengthening measures to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus infection in Almaty region”. In this resolution refers to the suspension of the operation of ICBC “Khorgos”, since March 15 this year, pending a special order of the chief state sanitary physician of the region. Also in accordance with the decision in all production areas introduced reinforced sanitary disinfection regime. In buildings with massive and prolonged stay of citizens will be equipped with special devices (sanitiser) with a disinfectant for the treatment of hands.
  6. Increased control at checkpoints on the Kazakh-Chinese border. In particular, each truck undergoes a thorough disinfection, and the drivers undergo a sanitary inspection. In total, the region has 6 of the customs posts. Each arriving truck at the checkpoint “Nur Zholy”, at least twice, is disinfected. And it is only the body of the car. Also, experts perform a careful processing of the cab trucks. All this takes place without contact with the new arrivals. Currently, checkpoint has about 20 machines of thermometry. In addition, the customs post is enough as a means of protection, and sanitary doctors
  7. Arrested 26 citizens for trying to cross the checkpoints in the Almaty region. In respect of remand detainees protocols on an administrative offense according to article 476 part 1 Crabp. Also, the Resolution of specialized Interdistrict administrative court made a decision about bringing these persons to administrative detention.
  8. In the region organized daily monitoring retail prices and the stocks of food and nonfood products. At present, the region a sufficient number of socially important food products. Consolidated stabilization Fund in Almaty region and the implementation of socially important products through social orientirovannye stores. Only sold food products in the amount of 8626,4 tons for a total amount of 1063,3 million tenge. In the present food products in the Stabilization Fund of the region is 2364,8 tons, including flour, sugar, polished rice, sunflower oil, lasagne, onion and potatoes.
  9. At the head of the party “Nur Otan” activists and volunteers deliver free social packages with food and hygiene many children in Almaty region. Work is underway across the region, applications are accepted in online mode. Today in the framework of the campaign “Bir birgemiz” 581 families have received assistance in the amount of 7 million 835 thousand tenge.
  10. In the framework of the employment Road map in Almaty oblast will be implemented 1 240 projects with the creation of 27.3 thousand jobs. In the region “employment Road map” will be implemented in 4 areas. First, this major renovation, reconstruction of social objects. For example, only in the field of education 88 facilities are subject to overhaul, current repair, and in 351 the school needs to eliminate outside toilets. In General, the socio-cultural sphere will be implemented 491 project by 31.8 billion. Secondly, current, average, major overhaul and reconstruction of objects of housing and communal services. In this area for 79 objects provides 20 billion tenge with creation of about 5 thousand jobs. The third area is the capital, medium and current repairs and reconstruction of engineering and transport infrastructure. Here at 547 objects provides 34.2 billion tenge with the creation of 8,500 new jobs. The fourth direction is improvement of human settlements. Only 153 of the facility of 17 billion tenge. In addition, the reconstruction of irrigation networks provided by 6.2 billion tenge for the implementation of 7 projects. The turnover will be involved 73,0 thousand hectares of irrigated land.

About the last paragraph, it became known today during a meeting in the selector mode. The head of the region emphasized the importance of the implementation of the “employment roadmap”:

“As you know, the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on March 23 at a meeting of the state Commission on emergency situation in the implementation of the “employment roadmap” instructed to allocate 1 trillion. tenge. Of them for Almaty region allocated a total of 109.2 billion. This is a very important and necessary for our region means. It is first important to solve the issue of employment. As in connection with the coronavirus, many area residents were left without work.

We need to create conditions for their families, to open new jobs. For the entire period of my work such huge amounts of money at once did not stand out. So we have very high quality and a responsible approach to their distribution.

Funds will be allocated to those districts and cities where the population was converted during reporting meetings, personal appointments. All cases residents must perform on the allocated funds to implement relevant projects. Ways to do social facilities to repair and so on,” — said amandyk Batalov.

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