100 taldykorgana become owners of their own homes

The birthday of the city, the citizens witnessed the start of construction of a new residential district “Shattyk”.

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In honor of the city Day celebrations in Taldykorgan with the participation of Governor of Almaty region Amandyk Batalov held a ceremony of awarding 100 keys from homes in the residential area “Bereke”.

In honor of the holiday taldykorgana expected creative exhibition and sale of agricultural products, works of craftsmen, the site of the city’s restaurants with a demonstration of national cuisine from chefs.

Taldykorgan akim Galymzhan Abdraimov visited the perinatal center and congratulated with a celebration of mothers and their newborns. On this day, October 4, on light there were 11 kids, 4 girls and 7 boys. The first of them was born a true hero of the Aitor, weight 4 kg 100 gr.

Also, this day was presented a new yard site on the street named after Krasin 71 and 23.

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Amandyk Batalov has handed over 70 keys to large families, 10 veterans of the Afghan war, and 20 on the waiting list. Cottage town “Bereke” is a 606 houses with a total area of 405.5 sq. m. 56

Akim of the region amandyk Batalov congratulated all those present and happy owners of housing with:

“I congratulate you on the birthday of our city! Let the new house will grow your children, happiness and health to you! As you know, construction of the residential area started a few years ago and now this year, 100 residents become owners of new homes. Due to the ongoing State government policy, which was continued by the new President, we achieve such success. I would like to add that while maintaining our national unity, and working together, we will achieve even better results. May there always be peaceful sky and bright future of our generations!”, — said amandyk Batalov.

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